Turning Returning

In a retrospective fit, I asked Mylo his happiest moment of all time. “Uh…..the day we got engaged….?” “Not a trick question, so answer honestly!” Ten minutes and he was still silent.

When I was asked this question in a yoga session, a couple of years ago, I was told to think about it and answer the next day. I, for the lackadaisical approach to such questions as, your favorite color etc, thought they were nuts to stretch these sessions. But then I sat and sat. I had no clue. Happy yes, but happiest, I really didn’t remember.

Recently, on TV, someone was exclaiming how the happiest moment for a woman was her wedding day and I wondered if that was true for Indian brides as well. On mine, I was hoping my sari didn’t come loose, the lamps don’t burn the mandap down, and I don’t fall face down. Mylo was in attendance and did his bit. Thali, vermillion, garland. Pose, smile, click. And, why didn’t that Uncle get me a gift?

Anyway, since Mylo and I drew a blank, like I did in that session where I stretched a happy moment to be the happiest, we went out for dinner.

Eating out, eating non vegetarian food has always ensured happiness. We ordered and glanced over to see this family of four at the opposite table. The head of the family was returning my glance with his index finger up his nose. I gave him a blank stare moving attention to his nose but he had no idea his finger was up to something. As his finger caterpillared its way centimeters away from his eyeball, my barbecue chicken arrived.


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