10 Things I Learnt about Food Consumption in Marriage

  1. Food needs to be cooked everyday, more than once. Not counting refreshments.
  2. Men eat, a lot. Women can only keep up by cooking.
  3. Recipes race only through my head, not my body.
  4. Remaining faithful to instant noodles was a prudent decision.
  5. I’m eternally grateful to frozen dessicated coconut.
  6. Not everything cooks as fast as potatoes. 
  7. I know I’ll stir till I die. So I make stirring designs. 
  8. Research benefits of oats, cereal mixes, cornflakes do not impress men. 
  9. Puppy eyes, fatigue, love – absolute blackmail that works on me.
  10. Complexity in ingredients adds value to the dish. My complex formula – change the order of the same ingredients for different dishes.

Well, nobody said I couldn’t take short cuts to his heart!

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