Today Goin On Tomorrow

My recent hair metamorphosis from all straight long to all curly short made a friend go “Einstein eh?” ( For a split sec me tried recollecting the last intelligent word that left my mouth)

A recent gift for the entire office – a shopping bag containing a toilet bag containing a toothbrush. Wha?? Me almost blew into my palm when no one’s watchin.

My anorexic pillow losing its brawn (brains ruleth not in bed) and making me look for more muscular ones on eBay. (Noble reader, thou shalt express your love in any foam)

Me seeing tailless lizards, happy pregnancies (virginity never counts), sweaty chases and bad people while sleeping. Skinny pillow obvious culprit.

My hair thinking it’s autumn. Me imagining winter.

Today’s service message promises me 8 lakhs for the right answer: Himesh Reshammiya is a cook, singer or somethin else. Me positive Himesh sent me that message.

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