Wiser Pangs

You wonder when your ‘recent’ hits entered VH1 Classic
Then, you try to understand Mika

You don’t know whether to call him Bhaiyya or Uncle
But you turn familiarly to “Aunty!”

You wonder when is the right time to use anti-wrinkle creams
And you hope you don’t have to

Your mess is more organized
Even that ‘right’ man dare not mess around with it

You look at college kids and call them ‘college kids hmph!’
And you never stop comparing

You wonder if virginity is a chaste belief after all
Your beliefs still take over you and you go home alone

You don’t want to know when ‘Titanic’ was released
You say you hated that song and start counting

You realize you’ve started counting every related event
You wonder when ‘months ago’ turned to ‘years ago’

Then, you realize it’s just the beginning
The wiser thirties will be here soon.

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